Thursday, March 10, 2011

"Live Your Rock N Roll Dream" by Alex Durig

Announcement: The new reality game show was just won by Alex Durig. 1st Prize?
Alex you will be reunited with The Endtables for a 2 week rock n roll fantasy fulfilling all of your greatest rock n roll dreams. You will be spending 2 weeks living with your brother Albert at the residence of a professional drummer where you will each be given a Marshall amp and an Ampeg amp just like all your rock n roll heroes always played. You will have practice space given to you. You and your brother will start practicing week 1 and then we will fly in singer Steve Rigot for week 2 practices and performances. You will be practicing every day for a live gig at SXSW in Austin - the single biggest music festival for music industry execs in the world. There The Endtables will have a chance to perform all your original songs for the execs, agents, and managers that run the music industry, and you will have a chance to be picked up by one of them. Singer Steve Rigot, your brother, Albert, and you - The Endtables - live at SXSW. Have fun living your rock n roll dream.


  1. Live it baby!!! Couldn't happen to better people and it is no accident. You guys know how to "Rock The House!" Great post big fella.

  2. Alex: Louisville? Got a promoter wanting to do it. Hit me up for details. Chuck