Monday, March 14, 2011

Ms. Rigot Truth. Eat it.

Finally here in Texas. Loving every Long Horn minute of it. It's like I'm Back In The Saddle Again. I love feeling a cowboy's spurs into my fuckin fat ass spurrin me on to buck harder. The live performance will definitely be a buck off the cow poke. Can't wait till you hear the songstresses beautiful vocals right at you like a picador into the back of my fuckin neck. 

Love you bitches,

The Mother Fuckin Puss

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  1. ms rigot!

    so bummed i missed this reunion show. the first time i ever heard the endtables was when I was 15 & some girl i was in love with put "they're guilty" on a tape for me. girl, i'm telling you: i hadn't felt that way since hearing "horses" for the first time.

    ten years later & i finally got to hear everything! the new record release sounds incredible, i'm really grateful y'all were able to put it out!

    hoping there's a plan for san francisco soon, why the fuck not! regardless, i'd love to interview you for the next maximum rocknroll!

    please hit me up if you're at all interested!

    big love from the bay,
    francesca @