Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Meet Ezra Reynolds

You gotta meet Ezra. He's the greatest. He came to us via contacts at Drag City Records and is himself a native of Austin, Texas, although he has spent many years living in Chicago as well as touring professionally.

Ezra was born in Austin, Texas in 1975 on Avenue H, with corn in the front yard and chickens in the back. How's that for authentic. :)

Ezra's first introduction to music was when he was 5 years old and got his first drum set, a Remo PTS kit. At ten, he began playing piano and let me tell you, he's a wonderful piano player. At 12 he began playing cello. At 17 this solid foundation in music took him to bass and guitar.

Ezra's first band was Breedlove, a 90's soul band from Austin. They played quite successfully and even were on the HORDE tour with Neil Young, Primus, and Ben Folds 5. But this was just the beginning. Next Ezra began playing with W.C. Clark, the Godfather of Austin soul and mentor to Stevie Ray Vaughn. Ezra toured the US with Clark playing piano and organ. And then the real rock started. At this same time, Ezra was beginning a new band called "The Free Range Bastards", a local jank rock band, meaning it sounded like a lock that doesn't quite work right and you have to mess with in order to get open. This is also the first band wherein Ezra moved from playing piano to playing bass guitar.

Ezra went on to play with "Tia Carrera", "Areola 51", "The Jazzus Lizard" (a jazz tribute ensemble to "The Jesus Lizard"), and "The Sweet Hustle" (Ezra's first rock gig as a drummer).

After several years living in Chicago, Ezra came to know Drag City Records well and became friends with many of their staff. It was through that connection that Ezra met "The Endtables".

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